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App And Away We Go: Duolingo Chinese Learning App

Learning a new language or trying to brush-up on your Mandarin? There is an app for that. Try this convenient language app in your spare time, and you might just

Talking with Guests

Stepping away from the usual Putonghua insight, this month introduces you to the Hakka language and people. Find out about this branch of the han ethnic group and how they

A Well-Intended TV Addiction

We all look for ways to pass the time and avoid the summer heat, often falling into a trap and getting hooked on a new tv show. Sometimes tv can

Back to the Capital

From early morning walks to secret hideaways and the ever so popular parks, the capital is filled with things to see. Experience the vibrancy of this old but, at the

Mandarin Accents: South vs North

Those who have attempted learning Mandarin know the accent changes depending on where you go. The accent is very different when comparing the south and the north. But which one

The Magical Mystery Tour: Exploring the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics

There’s more to Dongguan than first meets the eye. Underneath the shiny surface, layers upon layers of ancient traditions are still, surprisingly, alive and well in this city. It’s not

Is Chinese Really The Hardest Language in The World ?

Chinese is often called the hardest language in the world with its complex writing and tonal systems. But is it really the “hardest language” when compared to others? I’ve studied

So How Long Does It Take?

You might be wondering, “how long does it take to master Mandarin?” Factor in your reason for learning, dedication and goal, and this will guide you. However, don’t underestimate the

You Cannot Be Tone-Deaf In China

Chinese poetry is a blur of semanticism, tone variation and complexities. This month, our resident linguist shares her favorite Chinese poem, while exploring the depths of such a thought-provoking piece.

A Journey to the East

With the part that the Chinese writing system plays in Japanese and Korean, one may think that it is easier to master all three languages once you have the hang