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Keep Up With China’s Apps

China has a rising number of apps, with WeChat and BeautyCam only scratching the surface. Find out what locals in Dongguan use to follow the latest and greatest trends online.

Yanran: The Rise of the Critic

Sometimes change provides opportunity for growth. Yanran saw her opportunity to grow as a food and wine critic and ended up becoming even more. Let’s find out more about yanran’s

Updates for Pet Lovers in DG

While the Yulin dog meat “festival” was held again in June, we’ve decided to gather positive updates for you animal lovers out there. Dongguan is still a good place to

Necessary accessories This Season

Get trendy from head to toe this season with our latest summer accessories, expert fashion advice and where to go for the best items, depending on your budget and preference.

Taste the Real DG: Lao Guancheng Restaurant

Walking along Zhen Hua Road, a sweet smell hangs in the air, coming from a pot of tong bat lat (glutinous rice balls boiled in hot syrup) and by a

Aiming at Sports Mentality

There’s no athlete that doesn’t want to be a champion. Sports aficionado and sports bar manager Tak talks about how he merged sportsmanship into his business and everyday life with

Breaking Beer: One Man’s Brew

After a successful career in the chemistry related industry, leo luo had realized that there’s more to life than money. Beer was his missing ingredient. When you are proficient in