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The Challenge of Localizing

An ongoing challenge for many international companies is localization of senior management. Expatriates are far more expensive than locals. The problem is that many local Chinese lack the international experience

Banquet Drinking for Dummies

You’re at a Chinese business dinner—seven of them, and one of you. They all want to drink a toast with you, meaning that you’re drinking seven glasses to their one.

Corner of Change and Trouble Street

A major Chinese corporation is seeking to make a major change to their corporate culture, recognizing that their international expansion requires them to shift away from the more traditional Chinese

My Way, Then The Highway

One of the more common complaints that I get from foreign managers in China is that their Chinese staff are resistant to change. They face that dreaded situation where they

Being Willing to Ask

Like any expat in China longer than five minutes, cultural faux pas have occured in my stay. Small things, like cutting a pear and handing a piece to a friend;

Given to Change

When I first came to China, the apparent lack of Chinese interest in supporting charitable work was quite shocking. When asked for donations, many Chinese would respond simply that, “It

Balancing Cultural Perspectives

It was 2006, and I was attending one of those “Doing Business in China” conferences in Beijing. It was rather humorous at times, watching the variety of reactions—the newcomers wide-mouthed

The Motivational Manager

  ABC Company, an American corporation, had recently formed a joint venture with a Chinese company. They built teams that consisted of foreign managers and Chinese staff, who were responsible