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Huizhou: A Walk Away from DG for a Day

Time to escape to Huizhou and get lost. Explore the natural surroundings that have inspired poets and prime ministers, and get some inspiration yourself with this month’s weekender. Huizhou, once

A Sport Served In Every Town

Table tennis (ping pong) is the kind of sport which to the untrained eye is a fun hobby. Factor in China’s fierce reputation for the majority of Olympic gold medals

St. Patrick’s Day, From Ireland to Dongguan

Lá fhéile pádraig or, St. Patrick’s day, is a festival filled with fun customs, hearty foods and famous myths. Grab a pint of Guinness and get on board with all

Drink and Dash in Dongguan

Dating back to 1938, the globally renowned sporting social club, hash house harriers, indeed now exists here in Dongguan. Get your running shoes at the ready for this memorable and

Wild at Heart: Creatures of Dongguan in Their Habitats

How much do you know about the wildlife in Dongguan? There is a lot to see, you just have to explore to find it. Binoculars, comfortable shoes, location and patience

Make a Discovery with Muay Thai

In case you didn’t know, Dalang is not only known for the ancestral hall, but for dragon Muay Thai as well. Why not try something new? Get fit, make friends


The smell of drains doesn’t just waft through the air today. It pierces the air, penetrating like a cloak of rancid, twice-rotten flowers. If flowers can make for pleasantry then

Leaving Behind Rainbow Valley: Dongguan’s First Everest Survivor

A grueling journey not for the fainthearted, reaching the peak of Mount Everest certainly proves testing for those who attempt it. Dongguan’s first survivor reveals all. The rainbow valley lay

The World Cup 2018

Finally! THE 2018 WORLD CUP has dawned upon us. read more from our keen football expert about the teams competing, their status and what this year’s event has in store

Wheels on A Battery Fire

Since the outlawing of motorcycles, ebike usage has grown explosively. You might like the casual, wind in your hair feeling as you arrive at work sweat-free, but there are other