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Big River’s Grand Opening Party

Big River Brewing Co. held their Grand Opening Party at 33 Town on March 2, and certainly kicked things off in style! 

Food All Day@Hollywood Baby

This Saturday, February 23, Hollywood Baby Bar Chang’an hosted their first  “FOOD ALL DAY ” event, which was free to all that attended. It certainly set the tone with a

Brazilian BBQ & B-day Bash@Ziggy’s

On February 23, although it was pouring down with rain, troopers still ventured to Ziggy’s in Chang’an to enjoy a relaxing yet vibrant evening of delicious Brazilian BBQ, while celebrating

Fast & Furious Drinkers in the Olympics

On the evening of February 22, PartyHERE! and Murray’s co-organized a vibrant Drinking Olympics event sponsored by Sandford Orchards, one of the most award-winning Cider pressers in the U.K.

Dongguan’s First Harp Studio

Carty Harp is the first harp studio in Dongguan. At the end of 2018, its opening concert demonstrated the glamor of harp for Dongguaners to admire. And as something a

Stealing Veggies For Luck

On the 14th day of the Lunar Calendar, some Hakka people will notoriously steal veggies from others’ fields, as it represents good fortune. Nowadays, this custom is inevitably fading due

Hongbao Etiquette 101

By the time January arrives, homes and businesses are imbued with red and gold, which in Chinese culture means “auspicious.” Everyone knows that means that Chinese New Year (CNY) is

Auspicious Dishes of Chinese New year’s Eve

Since the Chinese believe that what you eat in the New Year will improve your good fortune for the year ahead, custom calls for auspicious foods to be served, especially

Spring Clean And Get Symbolic This Spring Festival

It’s traditional to spend time preparing for spring festival ahead of the holiday. join the hype by giving your home a good clean, picking out auspicious decorations to display and

Last But Not Least: The Year of the Pig

By Jodie Renée Frain, Charlene Fu, Seetala Jamrerkjang, Fazlin Mance, Michael Sanderson The Chinese zodiac calendar uses an intricate structure of counting days, months & years called the stem-branch system,