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Flash Fiction Edition

After the Studio By Laura Kerr The studio was silent. He put the guitar case straps over his shoulders and switched the light off. Andrew and Jack were in the

Keep The Bowling Ball Rolling

In light of Dongcheng’s newly-opened bowling club—Chic Fun Bowl— becoming as popular as it has, a group of enthusiasts gather at the spot every Sunday to keep the bowling ball

A Crazy Mess In the Rain @Holi Fest

The “Festival of Colors,” or Holi Festival, is an ancient Indian celebration and is a time both for welcoming the advent of spring, and to end conflicts. On March 23,

HBT Jo’s Birthday Party

On March 23, there was another birthday party in town. Tons of people swamped to Hollywood Baby Too in Dongcheng to celebrate Jo’s birthday. Flowing free drinks started from 9

Mitch-a-palooza at Ziggy’s

On March 23 in Chang’an, there was a Mitch-a-palooza 2, aka Mitch’s Birthday Bash at Ziggy’s! Friends and guests came from all over Dongguan to celebrate with our birthday boy

From Bottom to Big Time: Cristiano Ronaldo | 高富帅本帅C罗养成记

On March 13, a man swept across all headlines in newpapers and social media around the world. That man is the 34-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo. Even if you are not a

Content Manager Role: A Great Opportunity for Ambitious Editors

HERE! Dongguan is the city’s only English media and marketing company, tying together a monthly publication, social media platforms and dynamic events all over the city. Do you have what

We Chat and Eat: BBQ at Amigos

WeChat is the top social media platform in China. Even expats are getting so used to it that they couldn’t imagine life without it. Paulo Alves, an active event-goer, started

High Spirits For St. Patty’s @Murray’s

St. Patrick’s Day has already come and gone…so where were you on March 16? We were at Murray’s, celebrating the life of Ireland’s most famous saint, by drinking up as

Happy 8th Anniversary, Jim’s Roadhouse

Jim’s Roadhouse in Chang’an had their 8th year anniversary on March 16, and they celebrated in style!