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DGOSA Turns 7

DGOSA, aka Dongguan Overseas Scholars Association, is going to celebrate its 7-year anniversary on June 22 at the new Dongcheng International Hotel. As a non-profit association voluntarily composed of returned

Connecting DG to SZ

According to an announcement from Dongguan Development and Reform Bureau, stage three of Dongguan Metro Line 2 has been in the environmental impact assessment period and the actual construction is

French Artist’s DG Exhibition

Culture and art enthusiasts rejoice! The eminent porcelain illustration artist Lydie Ginestet from France chose Dongguan as the venue for her first ever exhibition in China! During the month of

DG’s Newest Int’l Hotspot

HERE! Square located in 33 Town is looking for qualified tenants with international elements for future cooperation. For those who haven’t noticed the area in renovation opposite of Dynacity Mall—33

Upraise The Dragon

“Qi long” (translated to “upraise the dragon”) is a traditional ceremony during which people dig out the former-buried dragon boat from the river. It’s a symbol to mark the commencing

New Hangout Spot for Writers

Dongguan’s first Chinese and Foreign Writers’ Creation Base is expected to be built in Guanyin Mountain Forest Park next year. Previously, about 20 Chinese and foreign writers gathered in Guanyin

Alcoholics Anonymous in DG

Recently, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has appeared in Dongguan, through the ingenuity and compassion of a foreigner who has lived in Dongguan for ten years. In the West, those who need

The Guest

Collaborative piece by Michael Kelly and Chris King At first it seemed as though nothing was out of place. Stepping into the apartment, Anna moved delicately across the soft carpet,


MAY 1-24 WANDA VISTA DONGGUAN CAFé VISTA Prawn Delicacy The experienced chef will prepare a delicious variety of prawns via different cooking methods, to present a wonderful dining experience. 348

The Largest Self-Service Store

At the beginning of April, the famous Chinese e-commerce company JD opened its first self-service supermarket in Nancheng, Dongguan, as well as in Guangdong province. Situated in Sheng He Square,