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Yoga Got International in DG

Though it was postponed once because of the rain, many people came to celebrate International Yoga Day in Dongguan on June 30. It is obvious that Yoga enjoys a high

DGUYA Brilliant Moments in June

June was an exciting month for many DGUYA players as they begin to dive more into the actual sport of Frisbee. The young athletes also were able to experience Ultimate

Sleepless at B Quarter

Lights were flickering. Music was on. People wearing pajamas but none of them was sleeping on June 29, at B Quarter.

Life Drawing by Dongguan Art Club

On June 24, people gathered together in Muzika to take part in a life drawing session which is regularly held twice a month as part of the Dongguan Art Club.

OFTR Celebrated Its 12th Anniversary

On June 23, One for the Road hosted a highly successful 12th Anniversary Party. Both floors, and the outdoor patio, were packed with people celebrating one of Dongguan’s oldest and

Bon Voyage, Antoine!

Antoine Ravnich, our favorite Frenchy who’s been in Dongguan for five years, held a bittersweet going away party on June 23 at Liberty Brewing Co. He is going back to

DG Ultimate Spring League Comes to Exciting Close

The Frisbee League finished out in style as teams battled for first, second, and third place last night. With several fans cheering from the sideline and the pressure of having

DG Ultimate Frisbee League Week 9

Last night was the last week of the regular season for the DG Ultimate Frisbee League. BigBang squared off against the Ultimate Benders in a shoot-out full of deep throws,

Dragon Boat Races Rowing With Joy

Rowers and spectacors gathered at waterways around Dongguan on Monday to get soaked in the fun and festivities of the Dragon Boat Festival. The Dragon Boat Competition in Wangniudun Town

Fantastic Filipino Fun at Murray’s

120 years ago, the Philippines declared its independence from Spain and June 12 has become an annual holiday in the Philippines with major ceremonies and parades. The day is spent