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Electric Buses Bring Innovation & Safety

2,132 pure electric buses will be operating in Dongguan soon, with a few interesting functions including guardrail for protecting the driver, a single-button alarm for calling the police instantly, free

Expat Comedy Club In Town

For expats, a comedy performance is pretty easy to find back home: theaters, cinemas, bars, even on the street. However, to find one in Dongguan is like a needle in

Sporting A World Record

Chen Jingkai, a Chinese weightlifter from Shilong, Dongguan, lifted 133 kg in the men’s 56 kg category at the Sino-Soviet friendship match in Shanghai on June 7, 1956—making him the


DECEMBER: hot pot, Christmas & more PULLMAN DONGGUAN CHANG’AN BANQUETING HOUSE CHINESE RESTAURANT Year-End Banquet Three kinds of banquet table sets, each for 10 people to enjoy, from 1,688 to

GoFun Shared Car

Shared cars have followed in the steps of shared bikes by showing up around Dongguan if you haven’t noticed. So far, there are around 10 shared car brands in Dongguan,

Flash Fiction Edition

Only The One Time… By John Lombard “And that is where I found the knife, covered in the victim’s blood, with Mr. Drake’s fingerprints all over it,” testified Detective John

FILCOM Annual Xmas Party @ Tangla

The Filipino Community held their annual Christmas Party on Sunday, December 2, at the Tangla Hotel. As one of the most important events in the Filipino calendar, the party was

HERE! Hiking @Tongsha Reservoir

On Sunday December 2, a lively bunch of Dongguaners met at Tongsha Park entrance to participate in this month’s HERE! Hiking. We saw foreigners and Chinese come from all parts

Charity Sale: All for Kids

Treasures of Hope is an icon of Dongguan, with their ongoing charitable efforts that have benefitted so many people in Guangdong province. The Dongguan community had another opportunity to show

The Hengkeng Village Tiger

In 1693, a wandering tiger left villagers in Liaobu Town distressed. While most avoided the tiger, one man stood out and tried to persuade the tiger to leave. A stone