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JANUARY 1-31 WANDA VISTA DONGGUAN CAFé VISTA Yinchuan Salted Pool Lamb Delicacy The talented chef prepares secret-recipe Yinchuan Salted Pool Lamb for each guest. 348 RMB/net from Sunday to Thursday;

Italian Serie A Football For DG Kids | 意甲俱乐部来东莞教你家孩子踢足球啦

On the topic of football, most Chinese will probably be thinking “Damn, our ancestors invented this cool game, but we have failed in carrying forward the glory.” Typically, most Chinese

Rain or Shine, DG Hikers Conquer All

On March 3 a group of enthusiastic hikers set out for Dalingshan Forest Park early in the morning, in the drizzling spring rain, which interestingly in Chinese is regarded precious

Success For Tower Bridge & Amici

March 2 saw a hot opening party hosted by Tower Bridge Pub and Amici, and it’s safe to say that it was a towering success! 

Big River’s Grand Opening Party

Big River Brewing Co. held their Grand Opening Party at 33 Town on March 2, and certainly kicked things off in style! 

Food All Day@Hollywood Baby

This Saturday, February 23, Hollywood Baby Bar Chang’an hosted their first  “FOOD ALL DAY ” event, which was free to all that attended. It certainly set the tone with a

Brazilian BBQ & B-day Bash@Ziggy’s

On February 23, although it was pouring down with rain, troopers still ventured to Ziggy’s in Chang’an to enjoy a relaxing yet vibrant evening of delicious Brazilian BBQ, while celebrating

Fast & Furious Drinkers in the Olympics

On the evening of February 22, PartyHERE! and Murray’s co-organized a vibrant Drinking Olympics event sponsored by Sandford Orchards, one of the most award-winning Cider pressers in the U.K.

Dongguan’s First Harp Studio

Carty Harp is the first harp studio in Dongguan. At the end of 2018, its opening concert demonstrated the glamor of harp for Dongguaners to admire. And as something a

Stealing Veggies For Luck

On the 14th day of the Lunar Calendar, some Hakka people will notoriously steal veggies from others’ fields, as it represents good fortune. Nowadays, this custom is inevitably fading due