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DG Man Crosses English Channel

On August 3, Dongguan local Suwei Chen swam across the English Channel—an incredible feat! His achievement took 11 hours, 8 minutes and 2.5 seconds. Impressively, Suwei Chen is the third

Set Fire to the Rain, Go Hikers!

Last night – August 31 – was HERE! Outdoors’ first monthly hiking event at Qifeng Park. Neither rainy weather nor a fallen tree on the main path could stop this

Dongguan Bans Outpatient IV Drip

You may have been to local hospitals and seen many Chinese, from babies to the elderly, having intravenous injections. This incomprehensible image will disappear because a new regulation has been

Launch of Mandatory Recycling in DG

On July 18, the Dongguan government executive meeting approved the “Dongguan Mandatory Domestic Waste Classification Work Plan.” According to the Plan, Dongguan will start mandatory domestic waste classification in all

Dongguan Today Reaches 10

July 28 was the 10th anniversary of Dongguan Today’s English website. Dongguan Today is the first government English website among all prefecture-level cities in Guangdong Province. It’s recorded that the

Filming on Happy Island

You might be pleased or interested to know that recently, Dongguan has been snapped up as a set for a local movie. It isn’t very often we hear about this

TOH’s New Movement

The local charity association Treasures of Hope moved out from Tangla Hotel Dongguan at the end of July, while the partnership contract with Tangla Hotel finished and there were no

Tower Bridge Connects DG And UK

Tower Bridge, a technology-oriented British pub with authentic fish and chips is going to be unveiled to Dongguaners at the beginning of October in DG Mall. There’s no doubt that

August HERE! Family Day

It was a fun day outing on August 26. About 20 families joined HERE! Coaching’s August family event, the Qifeng to Huying Walk-a-thon. Everyone enjoyed the fun activities while getting

Full House at BB Club’s B-Day Bash

BB Club, a Dongguan renowned powerful player in the entertainment industry, celebrated its 13th anniversary on August 28. The festive venue was swarming with hundreds of fans and partygoers despite