Bai Sui Pai

“Bai Sui Pai” literally means “one-hundred-year-old plate,” which is actually not a “plate” but a set of handmade items that grandmothers usually give as gifts to grandchildren, when they reach

Grand Opening at Whiskey River in Houjie

Whisky River in Houjie celebrated their official opening on June 9, with an all-you-can-eat-and-drink special dinner. Admittance was limited to 50 people and all seats were booked in no time!

DIY Zongzi for the Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival is around the corner. All kinds of zongzi are being sold everywhere in Dongguan. Would you consider ‘zongzi’ (sticky rice bundles wrapped in bamboo leaves) to be

DG Ultimate Frisbee League Week 8

Yesterday’s rain was no obstacle to the fearless Ultimate league athletes as they played their heart out all night long. Due to several cancellations in the later game, it was

Watch The World Cup at a Proper Sports Bar!

This June 14, excitingly the World Cup Opening Ceremony is going to take place, followed by the first match of the tournament, Russia vs Saudi Arabia. Have you decided where

Fun Night at 3 in 1 Prom!

The joint prom night for Dongguan’s three international schools was a brilliant success! Cruise Bar at Kande Hotel hosted students from ISD, TLC, and QSI – for a truly unforgettable

Liberty Hits Two-Year Anniversary!

On Saturday June 2, Liberty Brewing Company celebrated their 2nd anniversary, after another exciting year that has seen it become one of Dongguan’s hottest hang-out spots! Let’s take a look

DG Ultimate Frisbee League Week 7

This week’s league action featured two intense match-ups. The early game was a shootout between Flickatchu and the Frisbeasts. Both team’s rosters were close to full strength with seven a

A Fun Outing Event With Your Pets

A team of enthusiastic animal lovers banded together to participate in a charity event, Paws For A Cause, at Dog Dad’s club on Sunday, May 27th. Adorable dogs were marching

Cool QSI Pool Party!

On Saturday, May 26th, QSI international school had a cool splash at Hillview Country Club. It was the end of the school year pool party for parents, students and teachers.