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Content Manager Role: A Great Opportunity for Ambitious Editors

HERE! Dongguan is the city’s only English media and marketing company, tying together a monthly publication, social media platforms and dynamic events all over the city. Do you have what

We Chat and Eat: BBQ at Amigos

WeChat is the top social media platform in China. Even expats are getting so used to it that they couldn’t imagine life without it. Paulo Alves, an active event-goer, started

High Spirits For St. Patty’s @Murray’s

St. Patrick’s Day has already come and gone…so where were you on March 16? We were at Murray’s, celebrating the life of Ireland’s most famous saint, by drinking up as

Happy 8th Anniversary, Jim’s Roadhouse

Jim’s Roadhouse in Chang’an had their 8th year anniversary on March 16, and they celebrated in style! 

Bowling Back in Dongguan

Chic Fun Bowl, named as a homophone of Qifeng mountain, recently opened on the second floor of Dongcheng Market. At the moment, it’s the only bowling club in Dongguan’s city

Get Published HERE!: Submit Your Flash Fiction Now

There are many things in life which we could describe as short and sweet, leaving us with a brief moment of bliss. The few seconds we get to appreciate the

Register For A Free Frisbee Demo Class | 预约免费的飞盘体验课

 What is Ultimate Frisbee?   极限飞盘是什么?  Ultimate Frisbee is a competitive sport with no physical contact. It combines the advantages of basketball’s footwork, football’s running, and American football’s scoring. As a

Annual Mass Water Fight in Dongkeng

You may have no interest whatsoever in Labor Selling Festival if you are new in town. But what if you knew that it was actually a massive water festival, with


MARCH 1-31 WANDA VISTA DONGGUAN CAFé VISTA Buffet Dinner 248 RMB/net from Sunday to Thursday; 258 RMB/net from Friday to Saturday. WANDA VISTA DONGGUAN SEKISAI JAPANESE RESTAURANT Australian Special Beef


FEBRUARY 1-28 HOUJIE INTERNATIONAL HOTEL DOUBLE ELITE ROOM Double Elite Room Package 1,099 RMB for two people to enjoy a wonderful night in the Elite Room with Chinese or Western