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License Turbulence

In June, with students off for summer vacation, good news came to two of Dongguan’s international establishments. QSI and Eton House schools both received their long- awaited international school licenses

Dance Fall Life

Few branches of Western soft culture are as pervasive as hip hop. It is an attitude and music that is easily translated, and has become a global platform for youthful

Confidence Report

In a Sofitel Royal Lagoon conference room, the European Union Chamber of Commerce released the results of its 2013 Business Confidence Survey. In its summary, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants wrote,

In the Local Media: July 2013

Shake a Deceiver A man from Nanjing surnamed Hua was relieved of almost RMB 400,000 by a girl he didn’t even meet. Using Chinese social app WeChat, Hua was bewildered

Rainbow Store Reborn

The long established Rainbow Castle shopping center, located on Guancheng’s Dongzong Road, completed its ten month renovation in May, with an upgrade to the management company’s high-end retail brand, Dreams

Ming Furniture Exhibit

Having started in May, a Ming-style classic Chinese furniture display section was set up in the lobby of the Lai Shing Holiday Resort, a Chinese culture themed hotel in Changping

Aboriginal Art

From June 4 to 30, an Aboriginal art exhibition is coming for the first stop to Dongguan’s Guancheng Art Museum, showcasing 94 pieces of Aboriginal artwork from Western Australia. According

First Taiwanese Hospital

Initiated by the president of the Taiwan Businessmen Association of Dongguan and financed by Taiwanese enterprises, the Dongguan Taixin Hospital should open in the second half of the year after

Dunkin’ No More

In the days of our lives we will see sad days, and we will rejoice. May 2013, it was in this month of this year that Dunkin’ Donuts closed its

Folk-Made Dongguan Opinion Film

A group of passionate youngsters have been videotaping a ten-part documentary, interviewing random people for their opinion of Dongguan. Inspired by media coverage of the government’s Dongguan image film that