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Community Vaccines

The Animal Husbandry Veterinarian Station, according to Mr. Chen of the Dongcheng department, has provided rabies vaccinations to pets since 1950. In their mission to prevent epidemics, this year they

Mall or Ghost Town?

Dongguan’s infamous New South China Mall, the biggest mall in the world, started a new campaign to attract tenants this year and plans to reopen its vacant A and D

Got Game

Slamming the court with competitive spirit and charitable design, the latest Haven of Hope fundraiser will pit teams of three in a single day basketball tournament. Beginning at 9 a.m.

In the Local Media: May 2013

Deadly Fungus Chang’An’sLotusHillparkis home to the toxic wild mushrooms commonly known as death caps. The white fungus took five lives last month. On April 5, twelve friends picked death caps

Flu Update

Since the first three human cases of H7N9 in Shanghai and Anhui, the virus has spread to 35 cities in eight provinces radiating from Shanghai and infecting over 100 humans

Brazilian Ambassadors

Government officials of Dongguan are entertaining a delegation from Campinas, Brazil while attempting to create a sister city cooperation agreement. Leading the delegation, Beatriz Gusmão Sanches Pereira, the Director of