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Going Organic, China Style

Considering the food scandals that are ever-present on Chinese newsstands, is China ripe for the whole food, organic trend to gain popularity, and lift the country’s next generation of wealthy

Hi-Tech Contact

On June 28, Dongguan Mayor Yuan Baocheng met with the British Consul General Alastair Morgan. Discussions were about UK- Dongguan cooperation on the China Spallation Neutron Source (CSNS) project, the

Special Children’s Day

On Children’s Day, celebrated on June 1, the youngest in China receive a day off from school and get special attention from parents, teachers and society in general. It is

Mr. Cat’s Place

Atmosphere and ambience are important factors for coffee houses, so six months ago baristas began serving customers in a Doncheng hangout for cat lovers. The idea for Mao Jiang Chaguan,

Castle Coming Soon

In April the magazine introduced a bar street project in the works for the Nancheng district. Reports coming in now say that the new area for social gathering should be

Service Suspension

A construction project, which broke ground in the fall of 2009 in Guangzhou, will come to an end this month with the opening of the 7.4 acre U.S. Consulate Compound.

Burger King, Finally

At this point foreigners are probably still excited to see the giant burger poster hanging above the junction at Dongcheng Middle and Dongcheng South Road. According to an anonymous source

On the Air

Dongguan Live, a 10 minute monthly Internet show presented by, has launched a new chapter with new on-air hosts. “The past host of Dongguan Live will be greatly missed.

Yangshou Express

Yangshuo in Guangxi Province has long been a charming destination for escape from a bustling city life. Since the 1980s the city, famous for natural settings and an active nightlife,

A Golden Panda?

On the evening of June 8, the legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus attended and spoke at a VIP cocktail party at the Hillview Golf Resort clubhouse. Starting with a conversation in