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School Spirit

On May 1 dozens of concerned parents of QSI students met at Dongguan’s cpc People”s Letters and Calls Office in what they were calling an activity to be heard in

Keep Helping Ya’An

It has been over a month since a 7.0 earthquake devastated Ya’An Sichuan on April 20. Dongguan expat residents Chris and Melissa Smith returned to the city from their early

In the Local Media: June 2013

Black Market Careers Since new traffic penalties attached a point system to drivers’ licenses last January, a new profession of buying points from clean record holders and selling them to

Ink Stories

Who: Daniel Spencer, Chile, 80s generation Where: Wrist Why: Sometimes no matter how up you are, you can always be alone in your soul. I guess many of us pass

Visa Law Update

In the past issue, we published a brief on some significant changes in the new Exit-Entry Administration Law applying both to foreign and Chinese citizens that took effect in July.

Old-Style Transport

Passing by the bustling central district of Dalang Town could remind you of early 20th Century Shanghai, happening upon a scene that appears there with a period typical rickshaw and

Golf Marathon

Guangdong’s amateur golfers should be aware that Mission Hills’ Golfathon promotion has returned as of May 1. The 180-hole golf tournament, initiated in 2004 to celebrate the club’s recognition by

Korean Opera

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the friendly relations between Korea and China, a Korean-made opera, Ippni’s Wedding, came to Dongguan’s Yulan Theater on April 29 after premiered in Beijing

Tea Party

The annual Chashan Customs Carnival will last three days from May 4 in Chashan Town, which translates literally as “tea mountain.” The event features tea culture, a food street, a

Kite Gallery

After days of April rain and gloom, a long-awaited sunny day on Sunday April 14 made the 5th Songshan Lake Kite Festival a brilliant outdoor activity. Co-organized by Dongguan Times