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Terminal 3

Boasted as being three times the size of old terminals A and B combined, the brand-new Shenzhen Bao’An International Airport’s Terminal 3 opened its doors on November 28, with its

Wife Wanted

A 31-year-old migrant worker from Guangxi has spent almost a full month’s salary (RMB 4,000) on two Wife Wanted advertisements. One of them took up the whole side of a

Cell Phone Recycling

Got an old mobile phone lying around? Now you can get rid of it in an environmental-friendly way while getting something in return. Web site, which was launched last

Dongguan Bomber Case Continued

The case of the bomb set off in protest by Ji Zhongxing at the Beijing Capital International Airport on July 20 was finalized in court on September 17. Ji was

H7N9 Southern Tour

H7N9 Southern Tour In December, six new cases had been confirmed throughout Dongguan, Shenzhen, Yangjiang and Hong Kong. The two confirmed cases in Dongguan include a three-year-old from Changping who

Recording Recognition

Three of Dongguan’s active short film studios, GSS, 86 and Who’s, have successfully raised awareness to the gay and lesbian community by releasing four short films featuring the subtle and

Fame Down Under

Brian Goorjian, head coach of the Dongguan Leopards basketball team, had reached the highest possible glory and recognition awarded by the Australian basketball association. On November 22nd Goorjian was one

Badminton City

In recent years, with over 800 badminton halls scattered around the city and a first-class professional training center in Nancheng, Dongguan has been developing its badminton environment. Therefore it was

Driving Points

Since the implementation of the new driving regulations as of January 1, 2013, thousands of drivers had accumulated 12 points and were obligated to take a safety course and retake

In the Local Media:January 2014

Divorces Go Up This year statistics gathered through November have 1,039 couples divorcing in Dongguan’s four districts, which is the highest rate in five years. According to data from the