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The HERE! 100: Dongguan’s Most Essential Facts & Hearsay

Gabriel Barbee, Nancy Bee, Ziv Glikman, Nick Jacobs, Sooryakala Jeyasooria, Tracy Lu, Edward O’Neill, Hina Patel, Robin Pier & Stephen O. Roberts review the superlatives that make our adopted home

Yes. Wait, No

While the Keyuan Garden is well-maintained and considered the city’s most touristy attraction, its brother, Daosheng Garden, went through devastating danger in October. Construction workers began to hammer down parts

Cattle Days

Among Dongguan’s towns, one is the spot to buy beef. Hengli Town is famed for its cattle market and holds a festival to celebrate it. From October 23 to 26,

New Releases

In the latest generation of Chinese entrepreneurship this magazine has reported that film studios have been sprouting up around the city and making profits from commercial and independent short films.

Stirred Up

The Laimeng Commercial District’s Reggae influenced neighborhood bar, Stir It Up, reopened October 2 after renovations to essentially double the floor space were completed. The changes led the bar to