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Baywatch: Dongguan

After a week of training and study, the first 20 members of the Dongguan water rescue team qualified for lifeguard certificates on October 29. This is the first water rescue

MIDI Returns

For the rock fans who missed the last MIDI Music Festival in May, here comes another chance to enjoy the largest rock music festival the country can offer. Held from

Eat to Help

It’s nice to get the chance to help others while enjoying yourselves during the holiday season when love is greatly spread. A charity dinner will certainly bring joy and warmth

Food Expo in Dongguan

Update: This article, originally in the print version, was published prior to being postponed indefinitely by organizing officials due to low vendor participation.   The first Dongguan Food Expo is about to kick

Creative Display

A creative fair with products and services from Dongguan’s fast growing creative industries has been organized by the Center Enterprises Group (CEG) under their Idea Creativity development project, along with

Run for a Cause

With its 52 percent forest coverage, the highest among Dongguan’s towns, Huangjiang has been taking advantage of the foliage to hold a charity marathon for the last 23 years. Over

No Debate Taxi Rides

A new regulation aimed at taxi services was released in October updating policies stipulating that drivers are no longer allowed to ask destination before the passengers enter the vehicle. The

Made it Happen

Local communities in Dongguan have many groups for gathering away from the majority cultures of the city. One such group was treated, through a cultural awareness grant, to a night

Radical Change to Map

Just south of the present Central Business District, marked between the TBA Tower and the exhibition center on the north end of Dongguan Avenue, plans for an entirely new neighborhood

Teaser Alert

From China’s national television station, CCTV-2, one of its star programs came to Dongguan to film five episodes of its well liked Chu Wang Zheng Ba (King of the Chefs).