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Faster Data Arrives

Four months ago the magazine reported that 4G service wouldn’t be commercially available until June, but China’s three telecommunication companies have constructed enough LTE infrastructure to provide the service ahead

Elevator QR Code

To avoid all the scary accidents caused by out-of-control elevators, a new supervising system has been applied to almost 70,000 elevators around the city since June 2013. The QR codes

Skating Trophy

The ice rink on the third floor of Nancheng’s One Mall was tensely heated with competitive spirit, while accommodating short track speed skaters from five countries. The ISU World Development

Batou Business Struggles

Business in the stylish Batou Village, a nightlife destination built in old Wanjiang, seems gloomy this spring, normally the area’s peak season. After months of slack business, seven bar owners

Take a Hike

With 14 sq. kilometers of vegetation and a fresh water lake spreading across 8 sq. kilometers, the Songshan Lake Science and Technology Industrial Park is an ideal location for cycling

Pending Charity

On a typical weekday afternoon, dozens of lunch-goers, including young professionals and middle aged locals crammed the Buddhist vegetarian restaurant in the First International area, not entirely for the vitamins,

Power of Hugs

In recognition of Dazong Social Service Center’s fifth anniversary, the organization was inspirited by the global Free Hugs Campaign (as seen on Oprah) to spread kindness among strangers through random

Snooker Final

Last month witnessed Guangdong’s first ever professional snooker event. The World Snooker Dongguan Open started with a draw of 240 professional and amateur players in a single elimination tournament at

Hopping for Hope

Continuing as expat philanthropic mainstay, Treasures of Hope charity store will observe the Easter holiday with an egg hunt, and a photo booth for family pictures with the Easter Bunny,

Back to the Farm

Motivated by an overabundance of unsettling news respecting food safety, a new trend of weekend warriors has developed to avoid the pesticides and toxins. Capitalizing on the demand, land owners