World of Soccer

What do Dongguan and football legend Michael Owen have in common? SoccerWorld; a brand that sets up football centers in countries all over the world like Germany and Spain. Owen

It’s Softball Season

The 2014 Taiwan Businessmen Softball League is under way, and was sparked off with an impressive display of international cooperation, competitive spirit and sportsmanship. The league, which played its inaugural

Saving Rhinos

Starting the week of February 17, students at the Eton House International School were educated about the global rhino poaching crisis. Organized by the Global Classroom, an international partnership of

On the Tour

As reported in January’s feature, Where Snooker Rules, the table sport has become a national pastime in many social circles and has generated youth academies around the city. Early this

Get the Skinny

With police actions taking place all over the city, blowback from the international sex industry scandal was bound to affect standard entertainment businesses. On the evening of February 14 and

In the Local Media: March 2014

Easy Burglary The landlord of a first floor rental house in Dongcheng’s Shangsanqi Village was notified of a burglary by neighbors of an out of town tenant during the Chinese

In the Local Media: February 2014

Bad Student Nomination The Shuilin Middle School in Dalang Town reportedly asked teachers to nominate candidates for expulsion. According to a student whistle blower, each teacher was required to choose