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Local Crop, World Fear

Are bananas going extinct? If you believe the online chatter sparked by a deadly Panamanian disease on the rise in Africa and Australia via Southeast Asia, it is a possibility.

World Class Charity

Since 2005, every year, with the exception of 2012, the members of the AMBD Brazilian women’s group have thrown a fancy soiree celebrating life, bringing together a community and raising

Summer Golf Preview

Having entered the warmer months of Southern China, a preview of some of the summer’s golf promotions might be in order. The biggest of the area’s golf clubs, Mission Hills,

Dongguan TED Talk

The globally renowned TED talk has been brought to Dongguan to spread valuable ideas. Organized by a group of ten young minds from the Dongguan University of Technology, the program

In the Local Media: May 2014

Professional Road Rage When a commuter, riding on a Houjie City Bus on April 7, asked the driver to stop talking on her phone while driving, her response came as a

Nancheng Demolitions

The 13-year-old Dongguan International Conference and Exhibition Center on Hongfu Road is reportedly being demolished, and it is thought that it will be replaced by a skyscraper to be developed

HERE!DG Plus – The Dongguan You Want – Episode 4

In this all new HERE!DG Plus, we speak to AmCham South China President Harley Seyedin, follow Nancheng’s version of the Color Run, preview a tournament that gives you the chance

Taxi Strike Update

On the afternoon of April 18, about 50 taxi drivers gathered in front of the Dongguan Traffic and Transportation Bureau to demand a reduction in the monthly taxi rent. Saying

Half the Battle: What to Ask Your Garden about Pesticides

Mosquitoes and cockroaches are a big problem in many areas in China and many residential complexes have pesticide spray schemes to help control insects. While pesticides can be used safely