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Switch Mobile Operators Conveniently

China’s three main mobile phone operators are supporting an alteration from December, 2018, announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic. China Mobile, China Telecom

Dongguan Airline Code

It is well-known that Dongguan currently has no airport, so why is there a “Dongguan Airline Code?” Sea’s Young in cooperation with Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon has released a

DG Mall’s Grand Opening

On December 7, the biggest mall in Dongguan—DG Mall opened with its three-day-ceremony. Surprisingly, there were around 500,000 visitors on the first day and by December 9, the number raised

The Role of Dongguan Art exhibition

2018 is the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up, as well as Dongguan’s. To vividly demonstrate the tremendous impact during the past 40 years, “The Role of Dongguan”

SKYWAY American Football Academy

Located at the top of the almost-renovated Moon Bay Plaza, with its iconic red color, SKYWAY American Football Academy is dedicated to helping kids become more able physically and mentally.


By Chelsea Hite/Curated by Michael Kelly We come to this diner every Saturday. We have done for, what is it, 25 years now? Give or take anyway. As the time

Afterparty Fun @ Uncle Sam

What makes a Christmas party even better? An afterparty, of course! After five hours of non-stop fun at the HERE! Christmas Party in 33 Town on December 21, we moved

Joy to All from 33 Christmas Village

Christmas came a little early this year, as HERE! hosted an action-packed Christmas party at 33 Town on Friday, December 21. We really pulled out all the stops with this

Fall League Afterparty & Season Awards

Our afterparty for the Ultimate Frisbee Fall League, held at A-ONE Sports Bar on December 15, was off the hook! Thanks to everyone who showed up to make it a

Now Open:Time in Layers Exhibition

On December 15, Time in Layers:Sino-British Exhibition officially opened in Takan Bookstore. Various exhibits in different styles were displayed. The pieces were created in a similar period by young artists