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OPPO Breaks Ground in Chang’an

Oppo had a ground-breaking ceremony on July 10 for their new center in Chang’an. The center is projected to employ over 5,000 people and cover an area of 82,000 square-meters with

DG’S First University

According to the national census data of 1990, there was an average of 544 citizens in Dongguan with a secondary education to every 100,000 (the population was 1.3 million). This

Taste a Honey Feast

Find out how honey is harvested and learn more about bees in Tongsha Park this weekend at a honey tasting farm. Taste four types of honey from different flowers and

Drink and Draw

Drink and Draw participants sharpened their pencils on August 11 at Treehouse for a drawing session. The event is like the name suggests, artists get together to draw while enjoying

One City, Two (Education) Systems

As a parent of two children, September is a blessed month as the kids go back to having an academic routine and millions of moms and dads get their lives

Dongguan School Updates

Classrooms around Dongguan are being filled this month with children getting ready for another year of school. EtonHouse International School introduced their new campus on September 2, just 20 minutes

New Line to SZ Airport

The Guangzhou-Shenzhen Intercity Railway is scheduled to begin operations on September 30. The railway starts in Guangzhou and goes through 10 stations in Dongguan: Zhongtang, Wangniudun, Wanghong, Hongmei, Shatian, Houjie,

Nanshe Ranked number four

Recently Nanshe Ancient Village in Chashan Town became one of the Top 20 Chinese Villages, ranking fourth on the list. Nanshe Ancient Village has 32 well-preserved cluster shrines, over 250

HERE! Pool Party

The HERE! Pool Party is back!In Dongguan, you can experience a pool party that you thought is only seen on TV. On September 7 at Tangla Dongguan Hotel, we are going to splash into fun. This

No More Lawless Square Dancing

“Why aren’t we allowed to dance here? Any regulations?” No regulations on square dancing have always been an excuse for the square dancers when they argue with the neighborhood citizens.