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The Hengkeng Village Tiger

In 1693, a wandering tiger left villagers in Liaobu Town distressed. While most avoided the tiger, one man stood out and tried to persuade the tiger to leave. A stone

The “Diparture” of Dip-It

Since it opened in August of 2015, Dip-It has been a part of the Dongguan community for about three years and officially closed on October 29 of 2018. This homely

Maritime Silk Road Exhibition

Houjie’s exhibition center has seen increased activity of late due to its logistical convenience via the metro link, so it was no real surprise when the “Maritime Silk Road Trade

New Waterborne Bus in DG

On October 11, a waterborne bus finished its pilot test among Binhaiwan New District. Even though the release day, stops and ticket prices are still in the planning stage, it’s

93 Spots Offering Free Vaccine

Here’s some fantastic news for dog and cat owners: Dongguan city and town governments are subsidizing 93 specific locations to offer free import vaccines for our four-legged companions. Rejoice! Make

Save 15 Minutes from DG to SZ

Hengxin Autoroute connecting Shenzhen with one of the closest towns of Dongguan to Shenzhen—Fenggangis—has recently introduced some time-saving changes for drivers. A spot of good news for drivers who are


NOVEMBER 1-30 HOUJIE INTERNATIONAL HOTEL BAMBOO FOOD COURT Hot Pot Season Hot pot in the winter with fresh ingredients for you to pick. It will certainly warm you up this

New Fragrance in Town

LADYBUG is a fragrance brand which presents itself as a “space scent supervisor” and targets its productions to carry-on luggage bags, living space and exquisite business space. An official opening

33 Ghost Town Music Festival – Day

On the sunny afternoon, parents accompanied their kids to trick-or-treat, to make Jack-O’Lanterns with pumpkins and also to play some Frisbee.

Amazing Halloween at 33 Ghost Town

On Saturday, October 27, a gigantic Halloween party plus HERE!’s 13th Anniversary took place in 33 Town. Almost 2,000 people came and enjoyed themselves, eating, drinking, and dancing to the