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Wolf Totem

Avid film hobbyists, most critical literature and the big websites universally panned Wolf Totem as another lemon off the Copywood assembly line, and for good reason. The massive panning shots

WeBar: Down the Street

The motto of the casual boozer that moseys into this place—located close enough to Dongcheng’s Bar Street to generate curiosity—should simply be, “have liver, will drink.” Kudos should be awarded

Hostaria Wine Bar: A Good Sit

Hostaria is one of those places that even the bar wearied veterans of Dongguan’s drinking scene could sit down in and say, “I want to be here.” Regardless of eating

Huo Lian Shu Area: Mapping Bar Crawls

An idea to crawl out some bar hopping alternatives has been gestating for some time, materializing a journey that began near the corner of Hongfu East Road opposite New Century

GT Club: Old Dongguan

“Do you want Beer?” my friend started. Yeah, no need to drop several hundred on misinformed booze. After RMB 150, we were faced with six sad cans of Budweiser between

Seasoned Profile: H Bistro

H Bistro is trying to be serious. It has a serious looking kitchen, serious looking staff and a seriously dim interior for serious diners who don’t mind dropping a decent

Singles: Table For You

The décor of Singles should win a gold star in the ilk of Western-themed restaurants. It’s sparkly, high ceilinged and smacks with enough external stimuli that it could keep a

Route 66: Work Ahead

Batou, for some, is an oasis from the norm, for others it is a portal to off-key Mando-pop with Casio drum lines. Route 66 can be filed as a confused

Fowl Obsession: Xian Huang

Guangdong is home to a few native specialties that most foreigners only stomach once or twice as novelty. Roast goose’s greasiness and high percentage of saturated fat along with Cantonese

Deco Playhouse: Ibiza’s Craft Brew

Where to go to get a good beer? How about a trip to the middle of nowhere to an oasis beside a lake? Ibiza’s super chic and crazy art deco