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Team Hitler: An Odd Encounter with The World’s Most Infamous Mascot

A year and half ago, an expat football squad arrived to a scene they never expected to confront on the pitch. The opposing team had made a strange choice, troublesome to



El Caliente: Find the Time

When El Caliente opened over a year ago there was a lot of excitement for the city’s first authentic Mexican restaurant. It is fair to say that at first it

饥不择时: 辣西哥


Expat Extras: Behind the Scenes On and Off the Set of Dragon Blade

In a country at the center of the universe, one film cost more to make than any other in its history. Coming to theaters on February 19, two Dongguan expats,

Five Cocktails: That Put China on the Menu

Every great country should have a great cocktail. Mexico has its Margarita, Brazil has its caipirinha, and Cuba has its mojito. When thinking of China and cocktails, however, it is

Machong Town Guide

HISTORY Historically, the town has been associated with the Guangdong opera style of Quyi. Performances are held regularly and many of Guangdong’s top performers have visited over the years. Machong

Italian Kitchen: All the Difference

Machong Town’s Italian Kitchen lies beside the river. Its green façade and red awning is nestled unassumingly amongst the other shop fronts. Inside black and white tiles run along the

Chang’an Town Guide

HISTORY Chang’an has been a famous place throughout China’s history. Unfortunately, that Chang’an is the ancient city now known as Xi’an. Dongguan’s Chang’an history is only remarkable in how unremarkable

Reaching For Fame: Where Talent Takes Us

In the past few years you may have noticed a change in the nightclubs of Dongguan. These days, dancers who look like they have just walked off a Calvin Klein