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Living with the In-Laws

Mothers can be a complex issue for married couples even if they are from the same culture. When the husband and wife are from different cultures, those differences can be

Worth Your Doctor’s Time?

Your doctor spends a small amount of time on you for a diagnosis that might seem lifechanging. What can be done about fully understanding the diagnoses and getting a second

Decode Your DNA And Find Your Unibrow

Most have an idea of their ancestry linked to common genetic traits. You might be able to go back a few generations but will eventually hit a roadblock. Find out

Start School in Good Health

With the return to school comes the return of germs and children running a higher risk of getting sick. Find out how to keep your child’s mind and body healthy

TCM Saves Your Neck

Back and neck pain is a very personal and important issue for me. I’ve suffered from back and neck pain for much of my adult life, and have had many

Exposing DiDi EN’s Hidden Gems

DiDi has made navigating Dongguan much easier since launching DiDi EN. However, nothing is perfect and sometimes you may encounter a bump in the road. Check out these hidden gems

Runaway From Excuses and Jog!

It’s easy to think of an excuse for not doing your daily exercise. but why waste all the progress you have made or could make? here’s what you can do

300 Days of Summer

Summer is definitely the dominant season here in Dongguan. It takes a lot not to lose your cool in the endless months of heat and accompanied humidity. Check out our

Craft Beer Pairing For Dummies

Expertly hand-brewed craft beer always has its own character, exhibiting layers of creativity and passion from its maker. Craft beer is treasured by millions for being not only just a

Handy Home Remedies

Whether it’s to cure an ailment, or to rid the symptoms, home remedies are sometimes the most effective, natural and cheapest option to stop your suffering. Here’s what you can