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Houjie Town Guide

HISTORY The literal translation for Houjie, Thick Street, is a reference to the town’s association throughout its history with relative affluence and wealth. Stories say that over 800 years ago,

Tangxia Town Guide

History Over 2,000 years ago, settlers began fishing and planting crops in the town of Tangxia, at the time the area was called Tang Tou Xia, meaning “houses around the

Dog and Cat Stories: Who to Believe When Pet Shopping

It’s natural to look for companionship when we get to a new city, and it makes sense if we make up our mind to get a pet. It is not

Basketball Loyalties May Be Tested in Dongguan

Both the Guangdong Southern Tigers and the Dongguan Leopards have taken spots in the 2013-14 CBA Semi-finals, setting the stage that will finally answer the burning question of team loyalty