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Dalang Town Guide

HISTORY Dalang was first spotted on the map as a central part of a county more than 1,600 years ago. It had been a political, economic and cultural center for

Dongkeng Town Guide

HISTORY Dongkeng Town was originally a village founded by the Lu family from Nanxiong (in Shaoguan City today) back in the Southern Song Dynasty. Since the village resided to the



Two-Sided Story: Show about Sisters Takes on Bigger Issue

With shows like The Empress (武媚娘) and Journey to the West (西游记), much of China’s television spins yarn into fantastic renditions of ancient culture and myth, but with Hakka Sisters,

Zhongtang Town Guide

HISTORY Zhongtang was established as a village more than 1,000 years ago dating back to the Song Dynasty. Thanks to its watery geography, inhabitants cultivated crops with great success, mainly

Qiaotou Town Guide

HISTORY Quite a few towns in Dongguan get their names from geographical features, like rivers, fields or hills. Likewise, Qiaotou named after a bridge. As early as the Ming Dynasty

Daojiao Town Guide

HISTORY Daojiao Town was first founded as a village in 1342 A.D. in the Yuan Dynasty. Its name originally did not use the “dao” it uses today, which means paths

Qishi Town Guide

HISTORY Qishi, with its literal translation meaning “standing on a rock,” first got its name in the Ming Dynasty. According to the Guangdong Town Chronicles, more than 600 years ago,

Wangniudun Town Guide

HISTORY Wangniudun, with its literal meaning “a mound for watching the cows” in Chinese, was a mudflat by Baishi Lake about 800 years ago. According to Wangniudun Town Chronicles, in

Wanjiang District Guide

HISTORY Wanjiang started as a village during the Ming Dynasty in 1464. It was initially named Wan Jia Zhou, which means “a delta with 10 thousand houses.” Not until 1797