Exploring 33 Town, Dongguan’s Newest Creative Hotspot

Across from the ever-popular Dynacity and hidden behind bustling Dongcheng Road is the newest contender for social hotspots in Dongguan, 33 Town. This creative park was converted from old factory

Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child

It is a parent’s job to set rules for their child to teach them. Sometimes children are very resilient to following the rules, but it is important for parents to

Following the Herd

In china you will often see popularity in following trends. People will que for hours to eat at an overcrowded restaurant or shop at the busiest store. So, what causes

Long-time China Teacher Passed over by Passport

The crackdown on defining who can teach English in china continues, and the qualifications are now tied to the passport. Just because someone is a native speaker does not mean

Expats, Pay Your Taxes!

Two things in life are certain: death and taxes, and you can’t cheat either. You will eventually have to pay both, so find out more on china’s new tax laws,

Zhangmutou the Hakka Town

When we talk about Dongguan locals, a lot of people think that they are only Cantonese; however, some are Hakka. In Dongguan, there are around 600,000 Hakka people in towns

Snacking on Late Night BBQ

Find out where to go in Dongcheng for fourth meal or that late night snack with these two excellent barbecue locations. Choose between a formal setting or the more traditional

Fresh Cheese on Wechat

It is almost impossible for a lot of homesick expats to get soft and fresh cheese in Dongguan. That was until Alessandro Nicolau, a Brazilian man living in China for

Decode Your DNA And Find Your Unibrow

Most have an idea of their ancestry linked to common genetic traits. You might be able to go back a few generations but will eventually hit a roadblock. Find out

Become the Chameleon

Neuro-language coach Anthony Permaye, known as the Language Chameleon, teaches people how to make language learning part of daily life with his new book, How to Become Free and Successful