Flying Taxis Take to the Skies in Guangdong

Last month, Guangzhou provincial government signed an agreement with Ehang, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) company. Guangzhou became the world’s first pilot city for a new form of transportation known

Talking with Guests

Stepping away from the usual Putonghua insight, this month introduces you to the Hakka language and people. Find out about this branch of the han ethnic group and how they

The Perfect Exhibition

The To Be Perfect art exhibition at the South China Art Museum and Art Space in 33 Town is taking place this month from October 13 to 27. To Be

New DG Metro Prohibition

On September 1 the Dongguan Rail Transit Bureau passed a new metro rule prohibiting electric vehicles such as e-bikes, hoverboards and electric scooters on the subway. They said this is

Experience The NBA in DG With This Impressive Exhibition

Go to the basement floor of the mall and follow the NBA signs to the entrance where you buy a ticket for 90 RMB per person, or 160 RMB for

DG Gets Inktobered

Inktober 2019 is back with daily topics for artists to show how creative they are. Each topic promotes a different theme each day for artists to interpret in their drawings.

Drink to the Nash Hash

The annual All China Nash Hash took place in Dongguan September 13 to 15. Starting at One for the Road (OFTR), this drinking club with a running problem went on

Chili Cook-Off Brings the Heat

The ninth annual Dongguan Dragons Baseball Club Chili Cook-Off is scheduled for November 9. This is the yearly fundraiser for the baseball club and is free to players 2 to

Reaching Maximum Height

When you pass DG Mall, the colossal building under construction beside it might catch your attention and you might wonder what this tower is for. The tower is called T2,

A Well-Intended TV Addiction

We all look for ways to pass the time and avoid the summer heat, often falling into a trap and getting hooked on a new tv show. Sometimes tv can