New Line to SZ Airport

The Guangzhou-Shenzhen Intercity Railway is scheduled to begin operations on September 30. The railway starts in Guangzhou and goes through 10 stations in Dongguan: Zhongtang, Wangniudun, Wanghong, Hongmei, Shatian, Houjie,

Insecurities Parents Push on Children

Parents push themselves to push their kids from the very beginning. Early childhood education has an impact on a child’s development, but what are the consequences? Say something! Say hello

Isn’t It past Your Bedtime?

As adults, most strive to get to bed early, but as children there was excitement in staying up past your bedtime. However, in china bedtimes are not set in stone

TCM Saves Your Neck

Back and neck pain is a very personal and important issue for me. I’ve suffered from back and neck pain for much of my adult life, and have had many

Nanshe Ranked number four

Recently Nanshe Ancient Village in Chashan Town became one of the Top 20 Chinese Villages, ranking fourth on the list. Nanshe Ancient Village has 32 well-preserved cluster shrines, over 250

Inking In Dongguan

lotus ink, founded by yoyo zhong, is a brand which embodies style, self-care and tattoo culture. Yoyo’s studios are the foundations for ultimate transformation in the way visitors look, feel

Bobas, Bubbles and Pearls

Dongguan is bubbling over with bubble tea. this is a popular sweet drink among locals and expats, but what is bubble tea? here! finds out more about the Taiwanese drink

HERE! Pool Party

The HERE! Pool Party is back!In Dongguan, you can experience a pool party that you thought is only seen on TV. On September 7 at Tangla Dongguan Hotel, we are going to splash into fun. This

Mandarin Accents: South vs North

Those who have attempted learning Mandarin know the accent changes depending on where you go. The accent is very different when comparing the south and the north. But which one

Take a Trip to the Tip of Guangdong

This month’s weekender heads back to Guangdong province to bring you some lesser-known hotspots along the southwest coast. Explore the coastal cities all a short distance from Dongguan. A couple