A Lion Legend Visits Dongcheng

For those who have not heard of the movie “To Walk with Lions” starring Richard Harris, it is the famous story of George Adamson; an expat who established a foundation

International Yoga Day Held in Houjie

Dongguan yogis stretched out it on June 30, at the FUN Sports Center in celebration of International Yoga Day. The event was hosted by the Indian Consulate General in Guangzhou

You’re Not Crazy: Mental Health in China

Nobody talks about mental health and despite the social stigma, it’s a commonality between us all. Psychological health knows no discrimination. We all know someone who is facing some kind

A Working Class Superhero

It had been a long day at work. He walked into his apartment, kicked off his shoes and said, “Pajamas on, teeth brushed” and face planted into the sheets. It

Is Chinese Really The Hardest Language in The World ?

Chinese is often called the hardest language in the world with its complex writing and tonal systems. But is it really the “hardest language” when compared to others? I’ve studied

A Brief History of a Dongguan Summer

Summer in Dongguan doesn’t only mean higher temperatures. It also tests your endurance through intense typhoons that can create sudden pools for boating or swimming, with heavy flooding. The humid

5G Experience Center Opens in Dongguan

According to the data from the Dongguan Industry and Information Technology Bureau, 63 of the top 100 enterprises in Dongguan have launched or are executing 5G service. However, “5G” is

Frozen Favorites for summertime

Summertime is in full swing in Dongguan and people are looking for ways to keep cool. Ice cream and frozen treats walk hand-in-hand with summer. Most share in the memory

Get Your B-ball World Cup Tickets For Games in Dongguan

In front of Wanda Plaza, a striking-red countdown board stands, reminding every passer-by that 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup is quickly approaching. Tickets are already on sale for the games

Go Party in the Air at DG Mall

With roots from North America, AIR PARTY is a large-scale sports and entertainment theme park which comprises sports, entertainment, fitness and high-tech games in one. It occupies 6,000 square meters,