China: North Vs South

China is vastly huge. Due to climate variance, people living at opposite ends of the country eat completely different foods and celebrate the same festivals distinctly differently. Read on to

Made in Dongguan: From Factory of the World to Hi-Tech Innovator

In 1995, Nokia, the once global mobile phone giant, got its foot in the door of China by setting up a joint venture in Nancheng, Dongguan, to build a Nokia

New Hangout Spot for Writers

Dongguan’s first Chinese and Foreign Writers’ Creation Base is expected to be built in Guanyin Mountain Forest Park next year. Previously, about 20 Chinese and foreign writers gathered in Guanyin

Alcoholics Anonymous in DG

Recently, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has appeared in Dongguan, through the ingenuity and compassion of a foreigner who has lived in Dongguan for ten years. In the West, those who need

A Sport Served In Every Town

Table tennis (ping pong) is the kind of sport which to the untrained eye is a fun hobby. Factor in China’s fierce reputation for the majority of Olympic gold medals

The Guest

Collaborative piece by Michael Kelly and Chris King At first it seemed as though nothing was out of place. Stepping into the apartment, Anna moved delicately across the soft carpet,


MAY 1-24 WANDA VISTA DONGGUAN CAFé VISTA Prawn Delicacy The experienced chef will prepare a delicious variety of prawns via different cooking methods, to present a wonderful dining experience. 348

You Cannot Be Tone-Deaf In China

Chinese poetry is a blur of semanticism, tone variation and complexities. This month, our resident linguist shares her favorite Chinese poem, while exploring the depths of such a thought-provoking piece.

Business Done Differently

Ben Schwall first came to China at the age of just 15, on a study exchange program. Since then, his involvement with China was perhaps inevitable. We delve into the

From Dongguan To The Next City

If you’ve been living and working in Dongguan for some time now, moving to another city in China could be on the horizon. However, make sure to consider these key