Annual Mass Water Fight in Dongkeng

You may have no interest whatsoever in Labor Selling Festival if you are new in town. But what if you knew that it was actually a massive water festival, with

Exploring The Heart & Soul of Xi’an

Xi’an is truly a city with heart and soul. When in China, don’t miss out. Why not treat yourself and book a flight for a long weekend of history, hiking

Taste the Real DG: Lao Guancheng Restaurant

Walking along Zhen Hua Road, a sweet smell hangs in the air, coming from a pot of tong bat lat (glutinous rice balls boiled in hot syrup) and by a

Attainment, Home and Away

It came and went as quickly as the build up from the western new year—that’s right, CNY as usual saw the largest annual migration, with Dongguan ranking 2nd emptiest city

China’s IIT Law and the Six-Year Rule

China’s new individual income tax (IIT) law came into effect on January 1, introducing new tax brackets and a slew of other changes to the country’s IIT system. In the


MARCH 1-31 WANDA VISTA DONGGUAN CAFé VISTA Buffet Dinner 248 RMB/net from Sunday to Thursday; 258 RMB/net from Friday to Saturday. WANDA VISTA DONGGUAN SEKISAI JAPANESE RESTAURANT Australian Special Beef


FEBRUARY 1-28 HOUJIE INTERNATIONAL HOTEL DOUBLE ELITE ROOM Double Elite Room Package 1,099 RMB for two people to enjoy a wonderful night in the Elite Room with Chinese or Western


JANUARY 1-31 WANDA VISTA DONGGUAN CAFé VISTA Yinchuan Salted Pool Lamb Delicacy The talented chef prepares secret-recipe Yinchuan Salted Pool Lamb for each guest. 348 RMB/net from Sunday to Thursday;

Italian Serie A Football For DG Kids | 意甲俱乐部来东莞教你家孩子踢足球啦

On the topic of football, most Chinese will probably be thinking “Damn, our ancestors invented this cool game, but we have failed in carrying forward the glory.” Typically, most Chinese

Rain or Shine, DG Hikers Conquer All

On March 3 a group of enthusiastic hikers set out for Dalingshan Forest Park early in the morning, in the drizzling spring rain, which interestingly in Chinese is regarded precious