My First CNY With The In-Laws

Adding a novel dimension to their spring festival, Adam embraced his in-laws and their dynamic culture when he first joined the Lu clan’s celebrations as part of the family. As

Last But Not Least: The Year of the Pig

By Jodie Renée Frain, Charlene Fu, Seetala Jamrerkjang, Fazlin Mance, Michael Sanderson The Chinese zodiac calendar uses an intricate structure of counting days, months & years called the stem-branch system,

The Year of the Pig

How auspicious it would be to marry in the year of the pig. Tenuto was also born in the year of the pig. What does married life mean? Is life

新年快乐! Or, Happy New Year!

From semantics to celebrations to misinterpretations, language is more than just memorizing words and phrases—as we discover in this month’s reveal. Pushing past practical to philosophy, let’s take a look.

HERE! Potluck For A Prosperous Year

In true fashion and style, HERE! welcomed the Year of the Pig with a bunch of passionate foodies that together and pigged out on some great gourmet selections. What could

Winter Camp

Check out 2019 Camp Culture presented by HERE! Coaching and London Bridge Academy.

LADYBUG&HERE! Scents & All

It was a beautifully scented evening at LADYBUG on January 23. Together with HERE! Productions, LADYBUG Lab launched a stylish crossover DIY session with more than 20 participants. 

DG Two Frisbee Champions Revealed

Last year saw the launch of the inaugural Dongguan Ultimate Frisbee Tournament. Building on last year’s success, this year’s DG Two Ultimate Frisbee Tournament on January 19 saw even more

A Gentle Hike @ DG Botanical Gardens

On January 13, a group of enthusiasts gathered in Dongguan Botanical Gardens, for the sake of a good start to 2019 and some outdoor activity. John Acton and Daniel Chung

Switch Mobile Operators Conveniently

China’s three main mobile phone operators are supporting an alteration from December, 2018, announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic. China Mobile, China Telecom