Electric Buses Bring Innovation & Safety

2,132 pure electric buses will be operating in Dongguan soon, with a few interesting functions including guardrail for protecting the driver, a single-button alarm for calling the police instantly, free sockets for passengers to charge their phones, etc.

Obviously, the news about the infamous Chongqing bus accident still remains fresh in most people’s memory—the new-added guardrail on the side of the driver could massively prevent future instances of something similar. Furthermore, drivers will be able to push the emergency button to call the police instantly if necessary. There’re six CCTV cameras at every corner of the bus, and the video can be viewed by the management platform of the public bus company—police can obtain this if needed. Besides that, a fatigue-warning device has been fitted in front of the driver’s seat; once it detects the driver yawn or answer the phone, it will warn the driver. More novelties include an LCD screen for broadcasting individual stops and six USB sockets which allow 12 phones to charge at the same time.

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