The “Diparture” of Dip-It

Since it opened in August of 2015, Dip-It has been a part of the Dongguan community for about three years and officially closed on October 29 of 2018.

This homely Mediterranean restaurant brought Dongguaners their authentic Mediterranean food, with an enjoyable dining experience and reasonable prices, so it’s no surprise that it played a considerable role among Dongguan’s dining service.

Those who have been to Dip-It will remember its easily recognizable, vivid orange-colored theme decoration, as well as the inviting aromas of cooking that would flow through the air while you could clearly view their open-plan kitchen to see how your food was being made.

For Dongguan’s Israelis, Dip-It was especially a place where they gathered spontaneously and celebrated the essential Hanukkah.

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