New Waterborne Bus in DG

On October 11, a waterborne bus finished its pilot test among Binhaiwan New District. Even though the release day, stops and ticket prices are still in the planning stage, it’s no doubt that waterborne buses will play an important role for releasing traffic pressure and enrich the traveling resources in the very soon future.

There are four ship routes including Binhaiwan Patriotism Travel Route—with stops at the Opium War Museum, Sea Battle Museum and Shajiao Fort, which mainly strengthens the accessibility among different tourist attractions compared with it on land; Dongguan Watercourse Route that goes past Guancheng, Dongcheng, Wanjiang, along with Jin’aozhou Tower, Keyuan, etc; Daoyunhai Channel-Zhongtang Route, which is close to Huayang Lake Wetland Park; and finally the Coastal Route which crosses Humen bridge.

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