Maritime Silk Road Exhibition

Houjie’s exhibition center has seen increased activity of late due to its logistical convenience via the metro link, so it was no real surprise when the “Maritime Silk Road Trade Fair” returned on October 26. Continuing the previous trend with more than 50 different countries in attendance and over 200 billion RMB in project investments, for those who have never experienced the event, it is essentially a Pearl River Delta showcase of what the world has to offer.

As with previous years, there was an array of products ranging from jewelry from South Africa to dairy products of New Zealand. Malaysia continued to build on its impressive bilateral trade volume with over 25 billion USD coming exclusively from Guangdong.

China continued to remind visitors of its roots, with traditional exhibits showcasing tea, porcelain and of course silk. Not to be outdone there were numerous technological stands highlighting China’s expertise in automated machinery and naturally its train network prowess. There was virtually no corner of the globe left unrepresented. With various chambers of commerce in attendance, the event continues to facilitate interconnection between Guangdong and countries associated with the Maritime Silk Road.

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