93 Spots Offering Free Vaccine

Here’s some fantastic news for dog and cat owners: Dongguan city and town governments are subsidizing 93 specific locations to offer free import vaccines for our four-legged companions. Rejoice! Make the most of the service and ensure that your pets’ health is taken care of. The only free injection point in Dongcheng is Dongcheng Husbandry Veterinary station in the Agricultural Technology Service Center Building of Wenzhou Road, Wentang. Call the hotline 22670631 for more information.

Among the 93 spots, there are seven spots in Nancheng, two in Guancheng, six in Liaobu, two in Houjie, one in Wanjiang and one in Humen, mainly around the whole of Dongguan. For the full list and to see detailed information, please scan the QR code.

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