Residence Card for Mainland China

As of September 1, eligible Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan residents can apply for a residence card to use in mainland China—with that, they will be able to enjoy similar rights and benefits as mainland China residents. These rights and benefits include the right to social insurance, receiving compulsory education, applying for a driving license or a credit card, etc. The handiest one might be not needing to wait for the long queue at ticket windows for public transportation, like trains or flights, because online-booking will be available with the new residence card.

The Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan residence card number will be the same length as that on the inland China ID card, except they will start with different numbers: “810000” is for Hong Kong residents, “820000” for Macau residents and “830000” is allocated to Taiwan residents. People from the abovementioned three regions who would like to apply for a mainland China residence card, need to have lived in mainland China for at least half a year and fit one of the three conditions: have legally stable employment, have a legally stable home address, or be in a continuous study program.

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