A Successful Tour of Scenic Dongguan

Our inaugural Photography Tour of Dongguan on October 13 – a joint adventure between HERE! and Dongguan Today – was a rousing success, as an enthusiastic group of expats toured

QSI Int’l School’s Family Fun Day

QSI’s Family Fun Day tradition continued with this year’s event last Saturday, October 13. The festivities included games, food and face painting. Families in attendance had a blast!

DG Vs SZ: A Close Call for DG Mafan!

This weekend the HERE! Dongguan Mafan Ultimate Frisbee club traveled to Shenzhen for a friendly scrimmage with the Shenzhen SuperRen team. The Shenzhen SuperRen is an experienced club team who

American Football on the rise

To those who haven’t grown up with it, American football often seems like a mixture of armor-equipped violence combined with baffling penalties. However, it lies at the heart of the


OCTOBER 1-31 HOUJIE INTERNATIONAL HOTEL DANUBE CAFé New Zealand Food Festival New Zealand is in the south of the Pacific and famous for its cuisine including fresh New Zealand mussels,

Reclaim A Sense Of Adventure

In Dongguan, as elsewhere, consumers and outlets lack the confidence to go off-piste with their wine selection and risk ending up with boring, uniform wine lists which lack intrigue and

The Essentials of Essential Oils

Nature has a hoard of benefits to offer us, many forgotten over the years, some rediscovered in recent times. One of nature’s finest gems, realized and adopted by many, is

The World’s Most Modern City?

After some long-haul weekenders, we come back to our own doorstep. Many readers will have undoubtedly been to Shenzhen before, but how well do you really know what this blooming

Crafting Beauty For The World To See

After teaching himself how to craft traditional lion, dragon and Qilin props, Wan Gongxue has spent 20 years creating beautiful masterpieces celebrated and used globally. Speaking to him at his

Beware of Long Vacations

Mostly, this column has been about how grueling yet immensely fulfilling it is to study Mandarin. Not this time. Instead, Julie focuses on how taking a break can impact your