Dongguan Pockets 5 Gold Medals

Congratulations to the seven athletes from Dongguan who demonstrated skill and excellence within their own fantastic games and earned an impressive five gold medals during The Asian Games! The first gold medal was accomplished by Zicheng Hui, having been trained at Dongguan Sports School. He embraced the gold medal with pride.

The second one was attained by the 3v3 basketball team, consisting of Wenwei Wang, Bingqiang Zeng and Hailiang Xiao from Machong town, Dongguan. Huang took control of the outcome when there were only 4.4 seconds left.

After Kaihua Wang got the third gold medal in racewalking, Yueru Li from Dongguan played an important role in the 2018 Asian Games Women’s Basketball Finals—as the fourth medal was received. Also, Rui Zhao helped China win the 2018 Asian Games Men’s Basketball Finals, with his three-point shot.

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