Dongguan Community for Cambodia

A group of 10 people including both foreigners and Chinese who live in Dongguan, Guangzhou, and Foshan gathered together and headed for Cambodia during the National Day holiday to build houses for local people in need. During September 30 to October 6, they stayed in Siem Reap, Cambodia to help families who live in poverty daily, staying in small shacks without any roofing, walls, or other basic facilities.

Since one house costs around 9,000 RMB, the main organizer Daniel Shultz and his wife Sofia hosted two fundraising events to gather more strength in numbers before the departure. Surprisingly, 20,000 RMB was donated after the first fundraising event, which meant that one more house could be built. For this volunteering event, all money went toward housing materials and everyone agreed to pay for their own flight and hotel costs. “I feel grateful that there is something, even if that something is small, that I can do,” said Tiffany Strollo, one of the event members, “I’ve traveled to a few different countries and you see things like this and maybe you give some money but you ask yourself, how far will that go to actually meet this person’s needs? A shelter is a very real and tangible need and it’s something I never have to think about. I’m never lacking, so it’s humbling to not just give the money to have it built, but to be able to get my hands dirty and physically fill this need for someone else.”

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