33 Ghost Town Music Festival – Day

On the sunny afternoon, parents accompanied their kids to trick-or-treat, to make Jack-O’Lanterns with pumpkins and also to play some Frisbee.

Octoberfest Celebrated in Liberty

On Saturday, October 20, Liberty saw a full house of people, drinking and having fun together. Whoever wore a real dirndl or lederhosen enjoyed free shots and snacks throughout the

Happy Birthday, 5th Avenue!

On Saturday, October 20, 5th Avenue turned one. It was such a fulfilling occasion with fantastic food, wine and music. Everyone enjoyed themselves eating, drinking and winning prizes! Sophia, owner

HERE! English Corner’s Great Debut

Our very first English Corner was a success on October 17. Daniel led everyone into a friendly English-speaking environment with various English activities. Even those who are usually shy spoke

Underneath The Urban: Exploring Dongguan’s Ancient Villages

Have you ever wondered about Dongguan’s ancient communities? What lies beneath the recent industrial development? Between the blanket of interspersed commercial spaces, you can find subtle traces of historical homes.

American Flag Football Back in Action

American flag football is back in action after the national holiday. Sunday saw 22 men and women from all over China and around the world come together to learn and

A Successful Tour of Scenic Dongguan

Our inaugural Photography Tour of Dongguan on October 13 – a joint adventure between HERE! and Dongguan Today – was a rousing success, as an enthusiastic group of expats toured

QSI Int’l School’s Family Fun Day

QSI’s Family Fun Day tradition continued with this year’s event last Saturday, October 13. The festivities included games, food and face painting. Families in attendance had a blast!

DG Vs SZ: A Close Call for DG Mafan!

This weekend the HERE! Dongguan Mafan Ultimate Frisbee club traveled to Shenzhen for a friendly scrimmage with the Shenzhen SuperRen team. The Shenzhen SuperRen is an experienced club team who

American Football on the rise

To those who haven’t grown up with it, American football often seems like a mixture of armor-equipped violence combined with baffling penalties. However, it lies at the heart of the