The Extending Space Exhibits

Recently, you might have seen some peculiar sculptures in various sizes pop up in Dongguan like bamboo shoots after the spring rain—they are all from the 2018 Dongguan Sculpture and Installation Art Festival, erected between August 17 and October 16. More than 130 exhibits from 115 artists—domestic and foreign—are being displayed in four venues including Dongguan Tongsha Ecological Park, Qifeng Park, Culture Center and Pullman Forum Art Museum Dongguan (with Pullman Forum Dongguan Hotel).

With a theme of “The Extending Space,” it relates to three implications of “extending.” With more than 130 exhibits from all over the world having been introduced to Dongguan, this means different cultures are extending. Similarly, all exhibits separated in the above four venues represent the physical space extension; furthermore, exhibits from classic to contemporary show people how the various kinds of style are extending.

Mingzheng Fan is one of the main curators. This is his third time exhibiting in Dongguan. “Dongguan people’s viewing habits are not standardized yet.” He added, “The contemporary art and Dongguan are still in the process of integrating. They are not very suitable for each other yet, and it is challenging.” Now it’s our turn to extend our welcome and go out to discover these lovely pieces of art around the city.

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