A Fitting Mystery: Hidden 110

There is certainly an emergence of trendy secret bars popping up around Dongguan following their popularity and success in nearby areas such as Hong Kong and Guangzhou. Well folks, we

Lunch/Dinner, Anytime: AnyThai (Nancheng)

Man, I firmly believe the food that remains among the best in the world is most certainly Thai, defined really by its light touch, spicy edge and strong aromas. When


SEPTEMBER 1-30 PULLMAN DONGGUAN FORUM SAKURA JAPANESE RESTAURANT Beef And Seafood Teppanyaki Set Menu A great deal with a limited offer from Pullman’s WeChat store—beef and seafood Teppanyaki set menu

Poetry Edition

Astral By Jodie Renée Frain You disappeared as quickly as you stepped inside You were always there we just never knew Until the day came for you to leave And

Fun & Findings in Fujian

Three cites, three days. Our resident travel expert Alix gives HERE! readers the lowdown on Fujian and why you should consider visiting our adjacent province. This month brings us to

Guan Incense: a DG specialty

A product worth three times more than gold, Guan incense is a fine local specialty that faded over time. Find out the history and where to go for a ceremonial

Here Comes The Much Dreaded HSK…

Most of us know about the HSK, but how many of us have actually taken it or are aiming to in the future? Our language enthusiast speaks of her qualms

Aiming at Sports Mentality

There’s no athlete that doesn’t want to be a champion. Sports aficionado and sports bar manager Tak talks about how he merged sportsmanship into his business and everyday life with

An Unforgettable Musical Display for Dongguaners

Sunday night, Sept 9, brought a rare treat to the residents of Dongguan, as world famous Spanish pianist Manolo Carrasco tickled the ivories at the Dongguan Culture Center along with

Cheer For Victory & Camaraderie, Rugby Lovers

Saturday’s “Guangdong Sino 10s Rugby Tournament” was an incredible exhibition of athleticism, as six teams played six games each (a total of 18 games) in a one-day round robin tournament!