Fiesta Mexicana! Great fun, Amigos!

Mexican pride was on full display on Sept. 15, Saturday, as Amigos celebrated Mexico’s Independence Day as only they can…with tequila cocktails, live music, and non-stop fun!

Nonstop Mexican Fun for Independence Day

Mexican Independence Day was a BIG deal in Donguan on Sept 15, Saturday, with Al Chile hosting an Independence Day Party that was off the hook!

A Sweet and Fun Family Day

HERE! Coaching’s Family Day event was a smashing success on Sept. 15, with tons of people coming out not only to have fun, but also to show their support for

Hidden Laser War

A voguish recreation, known as Laser War, can be discovered in a clunky building in Dongcheng. It may strike you as a little odd when seeing such a modernistic place

The Extending Space Exhibits

Recently, you might have seen some peculiar sculptures in various sizes pop up in Dongguan like bamboo shoots after the spring rain—they are all from the 2018 Dongguan Sculpture and

Dongguan Yulan Theater

Perhaps you have been to Dongguan’s Yulan Theater to watch a performance. However, did you know since it was founded in 2005, it has been awarded the titles, “The First-Class

The Ball is in Your Court

Basketball is certainly one of the most popular, well-loved sports in China, and in the world in fact. But what does it mean to play or watch it here in

Rotten Socks & Candied Apricots

“Red, white or rose” used to be enough to get us through the dilemma of wine color choices. Now fashion and industry have conspired to force a fourth option. Orange

Mate Among Mates

Ever seen a group of Brazilians pass around a funny-looking drink with a metal straw? Well, that’s mate. And it’s a traditional activity that builds bonds and completes social gatherings.

China-Africa Trade Soon to Boom

Xi Jinping recently completed a week-long trip to Africa, having now signed new trade deals with Senegal, Rwanda, South Africa, and Mauritius, to capture greater opportunities for the Belt and