No-Parking Shared Bike Areas

During the middle of August, Mobike Company along with the local government launched the monetary penalty “electric fence,” in order to standardize and guide shared bike users to park bikes in a civilized and systematical manner.

37 shared bike No-Parking areas in Dongcheng, Nancheng, Houjie, Humen, Shijie and Chang’an were launched with others expected in the near future.

Users who park the shared bikes in any of the No-Parking areas will be recognized by the electric fence—a warning notification will be sent to the perpetrator via the app at once. Fortunately, there’s an immunity for the first nonstandard parking offense. 5 RMB monetary penalty will be given after that. However, appropriately moving bikes from any of the No-Parking areas could fetch back the money that was lost.

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