More Metro Payment Options

Taking the metro can become a little tedious for those who don’t own a metro card, due to the inconvenience of having to buy tickets with cash—especially since people rarely carry cash these days while mobile payment is available everywhere—except the metro station of course. The good news is now folks can use Apple pay and Union pay!

As of August 15, for the Apple pay function, users need to scan their phones to enter and exit. The metro fee will be calculated and charged the next day. Before the first use, it requires a linked credit card starting with “62” from one of 12 cooperated banks including ICBC, ABC, BOC, CCB, BOD, DRC, BOCOM, Ping’an Bank, SPDB, Huaxia Bank, CEB and CMB (CMB also supports debit card).

You can also scan your bank card at the sensor and pay by Union Pay directly, supporting the above credit cards (BOD and CMB also support debit cards) with the “Quick Pass” function on them.

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