Hidden Laser War

A voguish recreation, known as Laser War, can be discovered in a clunky building in Dongcheng. It may strike you as a little odd when seeing such a modernistic place hidden in an industrial building. However, that’s all part of the act.

An English game introduction video will be played before players are “armed.” Two teams will battle in a 600-square-meter room full of partitions with reflective materials to guide the way. After dividing into teams, players need to shoot accordingly and aim for the highest scores. Vivid sound effects and colors certainly make the experience an intense one. After each game, check your scores!

Each game lasts for 15 minutes with a maximum of 20 people. If anybody is waiting, other games and free equipment include a pool table, table football, Ping-pong etc. Price is paid by games. For nonmembers, one game costs 60 RMB per person and two games cost 90 RMB. 20 RMB per game is deducted for members. Group prices for nonmembers are from 1,344 RMB to 1,920 RMB for 14 to 20 people with three games for one hour.

Besides laser war, crystal bullet gun and VR are also provided for your choosing. Opening hours are during 1 pm and 10 pm from Tuesday to Sunday. Drinks and snacks are reasonably priced.

Address: #6, Hai Xia building (across No. 30-31 building of 33 Town) 三十三小镇30-31号楼对面海霞大厦6楼