Expats initiate new sitcom

Expats in China experience a totally different life compared with back home, and it’s no doubt that there’s a lot to share, praise, and even tease about. A group of expats in Dongguan recently began to come together and make fun, scripted videos based on funny situations—they are “Farther East Than Expected Expats.”

MJ, one of the founder-members, started writing Farther East Than Expected material several years ago and it was on the backburner until he met Rome, who was working with Azizi on another film project called “Life We Live,” similar in concept to FETEX. In the end, they teamed up and went ahead combining the two.

“Dongguan needs a fun film cooperation that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone that is into this sort of thing. We hope to develop a “co-operative” in sorts where people can join in what we are doing and even find help developing their own projects for product videos, comedies, or whatever they have in mind.” MJ continues, “We want to show people outside of China what life is like here for expats.”

So far, the pilot has been released, with the first episode having also just been unveiled on YouTube. The team hopes to release two episodes each month in the future. Topics will change but there is a main storyline based on a pizzeria in China. Furthermore, a crowdfunding campaign is running on Indiegogo for this project.

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