Can-Cham at your service

Having been organizing events for the wider Canadian community in the Pearl River Delta under the title of PRD Canadian Network from 2016, an updated version of this organization—Canadian Chamber of Commerce—will be officially launched on September 27, 2018. CanCham PRD is interested in the long-term viability, providing real value to Canadian business and entrepreneurs. Nine cities, including Dongguan, that make up the PRD region totaling only 1% of China’s land area and 5% of its population, still produces 10% of China’s GDP and 25% of exports. It’s clear that the PRD region plays an important role in China, and the world.

“Dongguan has been an important city for Canadian entrepreneurs for decades, we plan on reaching out to any and all Canadian affiliated companies in Dongguan and bringing them into the community we have already developed in GZ and SZ,” said Adam Turnbull, the president of CanCham PRD. Adam added, “We also want to help Dongguan entrepreneurs cultivate a closer relationship with the Canadian consulate in GZ and the wider Canadian business community. We want to shine a light on the Canadians who are thriving in the city and bring them more business opportunities with Canadian domiciled companies looking to do business in South China.” There’s no doubt that CanCham PRD will be an ideal platform for Canadian professionals and entrepreneurs to connect, share resources and build a community of support in the region. Anyone interested can contact the editor to build the connection.

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