China’s City Cluster Scheme

The scale of China’s urbanization over the past four decades is a staggering feat in human history. A new cluster scheme coming into effect means 19 new super-regions, including three

Class IN A Glass: JW Whiskey

Situated across the road from the big Culture Center theater complex in Wanjiang, the exterior of this two-month-young whiskey bar makes it fit in seamlessly with the surrounding shops and

A Winning Menu: A-One (Dongcheng)

Yes! Dongguan finally has a sports restaurant that absolutely gets what its customers want. And they deliver in spades, make no mistake. Upon walking in, you’re straight away struck by

EtonHouse Bakes for Cancer Foundation

The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning on Friday September 28 is Macmillan’s biggest fundraising event for people facing cancer, which started way back in 1990.

Life After Life

A stairway between life after death reveals more than expected for one who defies the cycle. With recurring memories of his past lives, what will happen to his future lives?

HBT’s Double Meaning

Hollywood Baby Too has a long reputation as one of Dongguan’s top party spots, and they lived up to their reputation as Tom celebrated his Birthday Bash on Saturday night,

BQ and Billy’s Double Joy!

Happy Birthday, to you…Billy and B Quarter! Saturday night saw Billy celebrating his birthday as we also celebrated B Quarter’s third year. The double anniversary featured music by the Revolution

Yan Garden’s O2 Music Fest: Awesome!

It was truly a breath of fresh air, as people enjoyed Dongguan’s O2 Music Festival, a movie-themed musical celebration on September 22. Held in Yan Garden, it featured great music,

Going Green: What you need to know

How well do you know your environmental health? We all live on the third rock from the sun and everyone has their own stuff going on in the big rat

DGers United for World Cleanup Day!

September 15 was World Cleanup Day, and a local environmental group, Green Foot, organized people in Dongguan to participate by picking up unsightly litter from trails in QiFeng Park.