Tower Bridge Connects DG And UK

Tower Bridge, a technology-oriented British pub with authentic fish and chips is going to be unveiled to Dongguaners at the beginning of October in DG Mall.

There’s no doubt that fish and chips is going to be one of the highlights of this British pub—after visiting overseas for a while, the owner Jason Cakebread realized that Chinese are really drawn to fish and chips in the UK. He decided to integrate top quality chip shop equipment from leading UK supplier KFE, for the best taste of the UK favorite dish. It is expected to land on Sep 15. Surprisingly, a range of chip shops (“chippies”) will be the blueprint for Tower Bridge’s future. Just think about grabbing fish and chips at any corner in Dongguan—even Guangdong—isn’t that exciting?

Another highlight is the technology part: the fifth-floor venue will feature windows with interchangeable screens, meaning a whole number of fun possibilities; self-ordering by scanning QR codes with menus in not only Chinese and English, but other languages too; precision cocktail machines; coffee machine which can print pictures on the top of your coffee; three-in-one handwash system that is totally environmentally-friendly with only 100 ml water used per time; and the very first game in the men’s toilet. Jason often visits different exhibitions and has been inspired by doing so. “Technology will increase efficiency, and also enable us to keep our prices competitive because our overhead will not be as high,” he said.

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