Self-Checkout in DG Walmart

With a WeChat mini-program named “sao ma gou” [扫码购] now released at all 14 Walmart stores in Dongguan, customers can now check out all by themselves and scan and pay using their mobile phones.

A scanning window will show up when you attach the mini-program—free Wi-Fi is provided—and your phone will become your personal “shopping scanner.” Scan the barcode of the item you want to buy, and it will automatically be added to your shopping cart—obviously, the cart in your phone. Place the item in your actual cart, then continue with your shopping and so on. Once you finish scanning all your items, go to the payment machine and scan to pay by WeChat, for a convenient way to shop. A staff member will help you to double check the number of items purchased. This system is encouraged for buying less than five items.

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