Back to School Party Success

Our Back to School “School Uniform” Party was a rousing success on August 25. Attendees were quite creative in putting together school uniforms, and a great time was had by

Happy Birthday, David!

One of Dongguan’s best-known expats, David Kundelius (founder of Grateful Q) celebrated his birthday as only he can…with a huge party at his new Grateful Q Bar & Grill on

Self-Checkout in DG Walmart

With a WeChat mini-program named “sao ma gou” [扫码购] now released at all 14 Walmart stores in Dongguan, customers can now check out all by themselves and scan and pay

That Street Dance Show was Skr!

King Mall had another full house on August 19. Party Rockers and Puzzle had a furious street dance battle, which was neck and neck provoking the nerves of all audience

Cheers to Yesterday’s Craft Beer Fest

The Craft Beer Festival is becoming one of the greatest traditions in Dongguan. We had a fantastic beer fest on August 18 at King Mall. It’s craftmanship to the core,

Young Supermodels Compete on the Stage

“Dongguan Cup” 2018 China Kids’ Supermodel Contest Final was held on August 17. There were 53 talented young supermodels competing with each other with their best performance under the limelight.

The rise in Dongguan’s local dessert trend

It seems there are some clear differences between Chinese and western desserts and dessert lovers; for a start, we all know that local desserts are much less sweet than the

New Initiatives for HQ In Dongguan

The “factory of the world” is now offering incentives for companies to set up headquarters in the city. From financial rewards to land and office space, the Dongguan government hopes

Chang’an Naan: Taj Mahal (Chang’an)

Most readers will probably have heard of Chang’an town, way down on Dongguan’s southern border with Shenzhen. For those that haven’t, it is actually one of the more modern and


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