Launch of Mandatory Recycling in DG

On July 18, the Dongguan government executive meeting approved the “Dongguan Mandatory Domestic Waste Classification Work Plan.” According to the Plan, Dongguan will start mandatory domestic waste classification in all public institutions from this year. Hurray for going green!

All public institutions including government departments, schools, publishing, associations, etc. are expected to reach above 10% domestic waste recycle rate. In 2019, the classification will gradually extend to supermarkets, hotels, the agricultural market, etc. It’s planned to achieve more than 35% of the current recycling rate in 2020.

Soon after, the four-color recycle bin will land in Dongguan. Civilians will be required to classify the domestic waste into different bins according to the regulation—the blue bin for recyclable material; the green bin for perishable waste; the red bin for hazardous waste; and the grey bin for other waste.

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